Tune up your own hotdogs

We have one of the easiest finger food to eat in Puerto Princesa, just choose your own sausage, sauces, topping and enjoy first-rate DIY hotdogs.

DIY Hotdogs

DIY Hotdogs

How To Tune Up Your Hotdogs?

Come and hack your hot dogs like in Hot Dog Bush game style and you will become addictive same way our hot dogs.

Best hotdog recipe comes from your own mind. Blend sauces and toppings way you want to get best hotdog for your taste bud.

Is Hot Dog A Sandwich?

People keep on arguing once in a while if hotdog is a sandwich, especially in USA. Hot dog usually defined “sausage between a bread” so it would be easy to imagine that you can call hot dog a sandwich.

If we start to look at closer definition of sandwich it’s not so simple anymore.

Example in USA, USDA Regulatory Definitions defines open sandwich like this: “Must contain at least 50 percent cooked meat. Sandwiches are amenable only if they are open faced sandwiches. Product must show a true product name”.

How We Serve Our Hotdogs?

We have different sizes hotdogs, so via above definition our big size hot dogs would be sandwiches but smaller would be not…

According USA National Hot Dog and Sausage Council Announces Official Policy On ‘Hot Dog as Sandwich’ is not a sandwich.

Here in Reefhotdogs we think also that hot dog is still “hotdog” not a sandwich and it shoud have own category in food industry.

Hotdogs has so long traditions and history so would be better just keep it hotdogs as own category.

By the way the first hot dogs in USA was sold often these names “Coney Island Sandwich” or “Frankfurter sandwich”.

Like always these are more on opinion things, so if you like to call hotdog a sandwich, it would harm nobody, right?

Is A Hot Dog Expensive Food?

Basic hot dog is not expensive. Actually it’s one of the cheapest street food, like example here in Puerto Princesa.

Adding good quality sausage, bun, sauces and toppings price will be increase.

We have selection of affordable hotdogs without loosing quality.

Budget travellers in Puerto Princesa can find our hot dogs at qood choice of cheap food.

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