Freedom Of Choice

Freedom of choice, find the favourite way to enjoy your hotdogs by choosing sausage, sauces and toppings yourself.

Hotdog with condiments

Choose your hotdog and condiments

What is a hotdog?

Sometimes it may sound confusing when hear talking sausages and hotdogs. Some sausages are sold with hotdog name, like example cheese hotdog etc.

Hotdog definition is: soft bun what is cutted half and inserted sausage in between bun. Hotdog condiments are variated what added top of it.

Hotdog can be usually served it from hot water, steamed or grilled.

How to choose a hot dog?

Check and select sausage/sausages from our list.

Choose 2 free sauces what are included hot dog prices. Additional sauces will be charged +₱10/each extra sauce.

Toppings will lift up your hotdogs another level, choose your toppings here. All toppings will be charged separately.

Can I have a just mustard on my hot dogs?

Of course you have freedom of choose any sauces from our list. Anyway we recommended to taste our savory home-made sauces. Our sauces will give some new twist your hot dogs. Ask our staff assistance for choosing your sauces.

What kind of sausage is good in hotdogs?

Grilled sausages

Choose your sausage

Traditionally hotdogs what have served from hot water, sausage has little smoky flavour and skin shoud be snappy.

Here in Reefhotdogs we grill our sausages what comes into our hotdogs.

Good quality sausages goes hand by hand with price. Size and meat percent grows whit price.

Cheaper sausages are also good choise for the hotdogs, but what more meat sausages contains, more it will fill your hunger.

All our sausages are selected carefully and are perfectly suitable for grilled hotdogs.

Does grilled hotdogs taste good?

Absolutely! All respect to traditional way served hotdogs, but we do little bit different way and grill our hotdogs.

We have choose our sausages way what are delicious served directly from grill.

Reefhotdogs serve hotdogs freshly grilled on every order to make sure that customers get best experience.

How can I get more flavour into my hotdogs?

Answer your questions is: with sauces. Reefhotdogs have good selection of different kind of sauces.

Chilisauce will give a good kick on your hotdogs, if you like spicy food.

Caramelized onion sauce gives traditional taste and if you looking for some new taste there is curry-pineapple sauce and tacosauce) also available.

What are best hotdog toppings or condiments?

We have good selection of imported and fresh toppings.

Modifying your hotdog with toppings you can get new flavors and textures into it. Lovely crunchiness can add with roasted onion or pickled cucumbers. Traditional taste can have by adding sauerkraut .

Fresh vegetable taste can be added with fresh lettuce, onion or cucumber.

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