Home-Made Sauces

We have good selection our famous savory home-made sauces. 2 free choice sauces are included menu prices.

Hotdogs with variety sauces

Try our home-made sauces

Hotdogs home-made sauces

If you are looking for a simple and appetizing way to add more taste to your hotdogs, then our sauces may be for you. We prepare our flavorful sauces by ourself and hotdogs prices included 2 free sauces by your choice.

Can I put other sauces hotdogs than mustard?

Certainly, with our excellent sauces you can change a lot hotdogs taste.

Spiciness, sourness, sweetness and many other ways improved hotdogs guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.

Mustard has been traditional sauce for hotdogs since of begining and you can not go wrong with this choice.

Hotdogs are tasty with just plain mustard too, but if you looking for more deepness for your hotdogs , sauces and toppings are the key.

What sauces should I choose into my hotdogs?

This is totally up to you, but usually it’s good to combine opposite tastes so one taste it’s not come over powering.

Choosing opposite choices of these tastes: salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami can be found optimal taste experiences.

Example of this combination: mustard (bitter) + banana ketchup (sweet) + caramelized onion sauce (umami) goes well with hotdogs.

These combinations can be vary with toppings, so you will have many options to tune up your hotdogs way you wanted.

Does curry sauce fit in hotdogs?

Definitely, Reefhotdogs curry-pineapple sauce is perfect combination especially with hungarian sausage and frankfurter sausage.

Combining this sauce other sausages goes nicely as well.

Does banana ketchup fit in hotdogs?

Why Filipinos use Banana ketchup? Banana Ketchup was invented when there was a shortage of tomato ketchup during the World War II, due to high production of bananas; the Filipinos planned to make Ketchup out of Banana.

Naturally, because of hot climate where bananas grows naturally it’s easy to replace tomato.

Banana ketchup is sweet and has lack of sourness compare to tomato ketchup. Combining with right other sauces, banana ketchup is good condiment for hotdogs.

Among Filipinos and tourists, banana ketchup is often selected sauce with hotdogs in here Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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