Hotdogs For Small And Big Hunger

We have small and big size hotdogs for smaller and bigger hunger. Let your appetite to choose.

Grilled sausages

We have selection of different sizes hotdogs

Is a hotdog just a snack?

Yes it can be, but certainly it can be also full meal. Especially Reefhotdogs big sausages like example Cheese hungarian, Schublig and frankfurter and few more keep your hunger away.

Smaller hotdogs are perfect for small and midsize snack, what keeps you going.

Is a hotdog good food for breakfast?

Smaller hotdogs are easy and fast breakfast to eat.

Need more power for coming day? We have big sausages to boost your day, if you looking for heavier breakfast.

Is a hotdog good food for lunch?

Yes, especially big size hotdogs which are more meaty and gives you power for many hours.

During the hot weather day, smaller hotdogs are suitable for lunch.

Is a hotdog good food for dinner?

Before going at Puerto Princesa night life, hotdogs are perfect dinner.

Enjoy hotdog normally with bun or ask your hotdog on stick if you prefer having plain sausage.

Early flight in the morning and don’t want to go inside of restaurant to eat? Grab a hotdog from our stand, definetly delicious, easy and fast option for dinner.

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