Cheese Hungarian ₱190

Cheese Hungarian, cheese sausage for the next stage. This meaty, juicy and tasty sausage goes perfectly into hot dogs. This big size sausage contains lot of cheese, which makes a perfect choice for people who likes cheese, flavorful cheese is not just for grating.

Reefhotdogs Cheese Hungarian hotdog

Reefhotdogs Cheese Hungarian hotdog

“I’m eating’ it quick… but I’ll remember it a long time.” - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, The Yearling

Hot dog price includes sausage, bun and 2 free choice sauces. Additional sauces will be charged separately + ₱10 each extra sauce, check our sauces. Toppings will be charged separately, check our toppings.

What is Cheese Hungarian sausage?

One of the favorites here is the “Cheese Hungarian,” which is a sausage with cheese and spices. Cheese Hungarian is not spicy, but it’s a very juicy, tasty and good quality hotdog. This first-rated delicious hotdog is our one of the best hotdogs, if you like cheese, this is definitely your choice.

Sausage History

The sausage came a very popular way to preserve meat. Salting, smoking, and curing was a perfect way to improve food long time usage. Old times this was very important. These methods allowed to bring food for long distance trips. Soldiers, sailors and other long-distance travelers have survived long expeditions because of sausage.

Sausage is also a cheap way to make delicious food, animal all parts fit good on sausage. It can also extend cheaper ingredients than meat products, for example, grains, bread, eggs, spices and many more.

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