Cheese New Yorker ₱55

Cheese New Yorker is filled with cheese. Cheese stuffing sausage, if you want to make your lunchtime snack a bit more interesting, here’s the answer.

Reefhotdogs Cheese New Yorker hotdog

Reefhotdogs Cheese New Yorker hotdog

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone. - Bertolt Brecht

Hot dog price includes sausage, bun and 2 free choice sauces. Additional sauces will be charged separately + ₱10 each extra sauce, check our sauces. Toppings will be charged separately, check our toppings.

Cheese on New Yorker hotdog

Cheese is perfect friend for hot dogs. Especially when hotdogs are grilled, hot cheese will give nice twist and taste.

Cheese is served usually top of hot dogs or mixed inside of sausage. Usually cheese what used with hot dogs is cheese what melts easily.

You can enjoy Cheese New Yorker hot dog our hot dog stand, freshly grilled on order.

Does cheese fit in hotdogs

Cheese inside of sausage is not new invention. Cheese brings sausage for the next stage. Sausage become juicy and savory when filled with cheese. Get your own cheese hotdog from our hotdog stand.

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