The Cheese New Yorker hotdog is a tantalizing treat that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Made with a juicy sausage and filled with gooey, melted cheese, this hotdog is a delight for the taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a quick and satisfying meal or a decadent snack, the Cheese New Yorker hotdog is the perfect choice.

So why wait? Head on down to our fast food stand in Palawan and try one today! Our friendly staff will be happy to serve you a hot, fresh Cheese New Yorker hotdog that is sure to hit the spot.

Don’t miss out on this delicious indulgence – come visit us and try one for yourself!

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone. - Bertolt Brecht

Hot dog price includes sausage, bun and 2 free choice sauces. Additional sauces will be charged separately + ₱10 each extra sauce, check our sauces . Toppings will be charged separately, check our toppings .