German Franks ₱85

German Franks is now pork meat and fat free. This cheese delicious hotdog is now suitable for persons who do not want or cannot eat pork. Come and enjoy this snappy and juicy hotdog straight from the grill.

Reefhotdogs German Franks hotdog

Reefhotdogs German Franks hotdog

Hot dog price includes sausage, bun and 2 free choice sauces. Additional sauces will be charged separately + ₱10 each extra sauce, check our sauces. Toppings will be charged separately, check our toppings.

German Franks

German Franks sausage has bit snappy skin, what makes it fit perfectly in to hotdogs. Boost this hotdog with our home-made sauces and selected toppings.

Let’s be frank!

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