New Yorker ₱50

Tiny mighty New Yorker is a perfect snack for any situation. Come and enjoy your New Yorker hot dog like Nathan’s Famous style, flavored with sauerkraut and mustard.

Reefhotdogs Reefhotdogs New Yorker hotdog

Reefhotdogs New Yorker hotdog

Hot dog price includes sausage, bun and 2 free choice sauces. Additional sauces will be charged separately + ₱10 each extra sauce, check our sauces. Toppings will be charged separately, check our toppings.

New Yorker hot dog background

The Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker sold his first own frankfurters one block off the Broadwalk. The success story was begun and later Nathan’s Famous, named for its founder is well known these days all over the world.

The Nathan’s Famous has been a choice of many celebrities like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Al Capone and many others.

You can enjoy your New Yorker hot dog topped with sauerkraut and mustard, like Nathan’s Famous style The Empire New York Dog.

New Yorker hotdog with caramelized onion sauce

There are many opinions about what kind of onions can put into your hotdog. We have available fresh onion, roasted onion and caramelized onion is in sauce form.

Our home-made caramelized onion sauce fits good in our New Yorker hot dog. Or you can find other tastes our sauce selections.

“Noblest of all dogs is the hotdog; it feeds the hand that bites it.” - Laurence J. Peter

You can enjoy your New Yorker hot dog topped with sauerkraut and mustard traditional way. When you are looking for a different kind of taste experience, we assure that you can find many variations with our sauces and toppings. This will bring your hot dog to a new level.

Our New Yorker hotdog recipe is simple, choose your sauces and toppings by yourself, so you can not go wrong. Come and experience our freshly lava-grilled hotdogs!

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