Reefhotdogs selection of imported and fresh toppings

We have selection of imported and fresh toppings. Sauerkraut, jalapeno, roasted onion, fresh lettuce and many more.

Hotdog with sauerkraut and mustard

We have selection of imported and fresh toppings

What toppings should I choose on my hotdogs?

You can boost your hotdogs with our home-made sauces and imported and fresh toppings. What kind of toppings you should choose on your hot dogs? Well, of course it depends on your “tastebuds” but we have some recommendations for this.

Humans taste usually these five basic tastes: salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami.

You may wonder where is spicy? It has not categorized to tastes because it’s techinically just a pain signal what “capsaicin” causing on your mouth taste sensors.

Food texture has also own twist how you experience your food. Textures are usually: firm, soft, chewy, smooth, crispy, crunchy.

Good combinations are usually soft, firm, crispy, sweet, salty, sour.

How to combine hotdog toppings?

Hot dog bun is soft and sausage firm. Here is a few examples how you can combine toppings on your hot dogs:

You can try other combinations how as you like, we have at this moment 11 different kind of toppings on list so if you choose 2 toppings you will have 121 different kind of taste combinations. And not forgetting the sauces what we have( 9 choices) you can increase taste combinations.

Example you take 2 free [sauces and 2 toppings (charged separately) your taste combinations grows up to 160000 different kind of choices! Thats huge amount of choises so you will not get bored immediatelly for our selections.

We can personalized our hotdogs with our famous homemade sauces and selected toppings many ways like above example shows. Welcome to combine and enjoy your own taste combination! Freedom of choice is yours!

What are fresh hotdog toppings?

Fresh toppings are usually vegetables like lettuce, cucumber or onion.

Freshness gives a nice touch for hotdogs and often comes with crunchiness texture.

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