Spice up your hotdogs with our sauces

Spice up your hotdogs with our popular home-made sauces. 2 free choice sauces are included menu prices.

Reefhotdogs, hotdogs with home-made sauces

Reefhotdogs, hotdogs with home-made sauces

What sauces can put in a hotdogs?

This is purely a freedom of choice. People taste food so different ways, but some basic combinations are suitable for most of us.

Combining our sauces you can find many taste options. Best way to find out is just trying different options.

Does spicy hot sauce fit in hotdogs?

Chili sauce is must try sauce, if you looking for a spicy hot option. Chili sauce goes well together with garlic sauce

Our chili sauce is not overwhelming hot, but definetly you can taste the spicyness. Our taco sauce contains chili , but it taste mild.

Is there a Mexican style hotdogs exist?

We have taco sauce, cheese mayoand jalapenos to get close a Mexican taste.

Combining our sausages with these sauces and toppings, you can create many flavours for your hotdogs.

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