Good Quality Hotdogs

Reefhotdogs has selected the best sausages for your hotdogs with affordable price range.

Italian Garlic ₱120

Italian Gralic sausage, perfect for grilling. This meaty well spiced sausage with grilled bread and our tasty sauces and toppings makes you craving more on this hot dog.

Bratwurst ₱160

Bratwurst is a famous German sausage. Flavored with mustard and sauerkraut you can get an authentic experience of this famous German sausage.

Frankfurter ₱170

This big size, mouthwatering European style sausage is meaty and savory. When looking for a food for bigger hunger, this is definitely your choice.

Cervelat ₱170

Cervelat, this delicious sausage has bit smokier flavour. Good quality and big size will satisfied any hotdog lovers. Come and try our Cervelat hotdog straight from the grill.

Schublig ₱180

Schublig is one of the biggest sausages from our menu. This meaty and tasty sausage will definitely satisfy your hunger. Work well for those who want something quick and tasty.

Cheese Hungarian ₱180

Cheese Hungarian, cheese sausage for the next stage. This meaty, juicy and tasty sausage goes perfectly into hot dogs. This big size sausage contains lot of cheese, which makes a perfect choice for people who likes cheese, flavorful cheese is not just for grating.

Kielbasa ₱190

This enormous, mouthwatering hotdog is complemented perfectly with delicious home-made sauces like garlic sauce, chili sauce, taco sauce, or caramelized onion sauce.