We are along the Rizal Avenue

Awesome savory hotdogs can be found along the Rizal Avenue, left side and under the Puerto Princesa sign and side of Palawan Provincial Capitol.

Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Where Reefhotdogs are located along Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

Our hotdog stand can found Rizal Avenue, side of Palawan Provincial Capitol and Moraga building street level

Near attractions along the Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

Find regional history and culture from Palawan Heritage Center. Some local arts and exhibits are also displayed here.

Palawan Provincial Capitol is center of local government. Building is along the Rizal Avenue busiest corner in Puerto Princesa.

Palawan Special Battalion WW2 Memorial Museum you can find history of Palawan what happened during WW2.

Palawan Museum presentation of pre-historical local daily usage objects and tribes ritual history.

What kind of bars and restaurants there are in Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

Along Rizal Avenue have most of the night clubs and bars in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Couple of bigger night clubs are located near main cross section close Palawan Provincial Capitol. Main night life and food places are focused on Rizal Avenue and it’s easy to find by strolling between these places.

Smaller resto bars and restaurants are along the Rizal Avenue both sides. Restaurants and small food stands are mainly spread in mid section of Rizal Avenue.

Where to go in Puerto Princesa, Palawan?

There is a island hopping tours in Honda Bay and it’s very accessible from Puerto Princesa, about 20-30min drive away. Most of hotels and tourist offices sells daily tours what includes transportation all over the city.

Here you can do swimming and snorkeling along nearby small islands. All the island are accessible during one day.

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park is not far away from the Rizal Avenue, just go end of the west side and turn right and you can almost see the sea. Here you can stroll along the sea enjoing fresh air. Food restaurants serve seafood and cold beverages between 1-10 pm.

Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden and Tribal Village have tropical butterfly garden and a traditional style village with handcrafts and demos. Opening time are 8:30am to 5 pm and it’s around 20min drive away from Rizal Avenue. Hotels and local tourist offices arrange city tours here or just take Jeepney or trike there.

Is there any place to eat fast breakfast in Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

Looking for a quick breakfast? If your hotel package is not included breakfast you can find it easily center of Puerto Princesa along Rizal Avenue. Reefhotdogs serves freshly grilled affordabel hotdogs on order. Our hotdogs are easy to takeaway or eat while walking or take van into tourist attractions.

Low budget travellers our hotdogs like New Yorker are good choise, you can get them any time what is suitable for your needs and hunger. Our location is perfect to check your next destination, just take Jeepney from Junction One to the San Jose terminal and move affordable price into the other places in Palawan.

How to get in the Robinsson Mall from Rizal Avenue?

Budget travellers can take Jeepney from Junction One to Robinsons Place Palawan. Jeepneys goes all the time during day time and stops front of Robinsson Mall.

Another option is take tricycle (can take it anywhere along the streets) or taxi. Distance from Rizal Avenue is around 4 km and 15min drive away.

Here you can find in 2nd floor Bureau of Immigration. New visa or visa renevals are easy to operate here.

How to get in the SM Mall from Rizal Avenue?

SM City Puerto Princesa is not a far away from Rizal Avenue, by walking around 10min depends where you start walking there.

Here you can find basic mall services also forex for money changing.

What kind of public transportation Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa have?

Basically you do not need public transportation along Rizal Avenue. Day time weather temperature can be high so you can use tricycles to move short distances. Do not pay over price, all legal drivers must have fare prices and licenses available to see. Tricycle fare starts 12 pesos per head and depends on your distances.

Going further, away from Rizal Avenue you can use Jeepney which are driving nonstop along the main roads. One stop, where the Jeepneys stops near to Rizal Avenue, Junction One can be found it here.

Airconditioned transportation in city area are only available with taxi.

For longer distance traveling, it’s better to use vans or buses, what mainly leaves from San Jose terminal.

Van trips can be arranged to pickup from hotels or agreed places. All hotels and tourist offices offer these trips another places all over the Palawan. Vans and buses have usually aircon.

Is there public market close to Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

Yes there is, public market is just walking distance away from Rizal Avenue.

Here you can find affordable fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and other food products.

Other daily needed products can be find widely here too.

Is there any ATM along Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa?

All the Philippines common bank offices can be found along the Rizal Avenue. Planning to withdraw cash, you better to go BDO (Banco De Oro).

They have ATM inside of the bank where is safe to withdraw cash. Many times ATM suck the foreign ATM cards, it’s fast to ask bank to give your card back immediatelly.

Notice! If other ATM (outside of the banks) suck your card, you may have to wait long time or couple of days to get card back.

This is the safest option to withdraw money, also from our experience the DBO ATMs doesn’t suck your card so easily than other ATMs.

Welcome to enjoy Reefhotdogs awesome savory hotdogs!

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